#COTO2K23 returns on October 6th!

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Battlenet’s latest technology PCs and a specially designed Gaming Arena are waiting for you. With frequent events and excellent services, Battlenet Gaming Station will satisfy even the most demanding user.


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Address: I. Metaxa 4, Agios Dimitrios 173 43
Phone : 212 2134378
E-mail : arena@battlenet.gr

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Anastasios Eleftheriadis

Anastasios Eleftheriadis

Event Director

Born in May, 1990
Nationality: Greek

Tasos has been playing fighting games since childhood. He grew up loving them to the point of making his own E-Sports Team, “LegacyOfKaiser”, based in Greece.

Tasos is organizing his own Tournaments/Invitationals to the standards of international tournaments in order to showcase the level of Greek players to the world.

His team “LOK”, is the #1 E-Sports Team in Greece that has so many achievements both nationally and internationally regarding Fighting Games with over 8 1st Placements counting to date.

Right now as the Event Director for Clash Of The Olympians (which started as an Invitational, created by his crew), he aims to make COTO an International Fighting Game Hub to comprice of more fighting game tournaments in the future.